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Combining what and who we know to help you win.

Powered by Fitt Insider, we leverage deep expertise and industry connections to deliver business results. From launching and scaling to identifying problems and opportunities, FCG is your unfair advantage.

How we help

We offer research, insights, strategy, and business development across core capabilities, including:

Market Insights
Understanding your market and category, identifying your audience, and determining the best way to reach them.
Combining a world-class network with industry knowledge to facilitate successful transactions.
Transforming existing offerings, extending capabilities, or entering new markets.
Brand & Content
Crystallizing your brand, honing its presentation, and enhancing audience connection.
Business Development
Tapping our network to advance your business with new partnerships and opportunities.
Fundraising & GTM
Validating concepts, reviewing decks, and determining the best way to bring your business to market.

About us

FCG is a team of strategists and industry experts led by Anthony and Joe Vennare. Brothers, founders, and investors, they’ve worked together for 15 years building health and fitness companies. A division of Fitt, we deliver specialized services across media, recruiting, consulting, and investing.

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