Transforming the future of health and fitness

A partner to ambitious teams and business leaders.

A limited-capacity program providing strategic guidance, feedback, and ongoing access.


Custom engagements to achieve key business objectives and seize market opportunities.


Industry presentations and keynotes to inform decision-making and inspire action.

What we do

Think of FCG as a special operations unit working alongside your team.

Powered by Fitt Insider, we leverage our deep industry expertise, research capabilities, media platform, and unparalleled network to deliver results.

Whether tackling existing challenges, identifying new opportunities, or adapting to an ever-changing landscape, FCG is your unfair advantage.

Who we are

FCG is a team of strategists and industry experts led by Anthony and Joe Vennare.

Brothers, founders, and investors, the pair have worked together for 15 years building health and fitness companies.

A division of Fitt, FCG joins Insider, Talent, and Capital — providing media, recruitment, funding, and advisory to shape the industry’s future.

Let's get to work